Saturday, May 09, 2015

Energy efficiency money up for grabs

The PP wanted to bid for 150,000 euros in support of a plan to install solar panels on municipal buildings and to buy two electric vehicles, one for the police and one for the council. At the time, the Socialists and Liberals opposed the idea. Instead they wanted to replace the boilers at La Paz school and to a new lighting system for the town with energy efficient bulbs. The deadlock meant that the town was unable to make a successful bid.

The deadline for submission is this Sunday, so the PP called an emergency council meeting in an attempt to get agreement from the opposition parties. This time, Aurelio says that he will back the PP because it is important that Bigastro does not miss out on the money available.

The other issue that is on the agenda is to look at the legislature from 2003 to 2007 which allowed José Joaquín Moya to exchange the right to build above three storeys in the town for agricultural land.

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