Friday, January 06, 2006

Christmas is over

The 6th of January, 12th night, is time to pack all the lights and the trimmings away. Although it is sad to put Christmas away, it is good to have the house back to normal. Must remember to test the lights before they go into the boxes. I hate the thought of getting them out next year only to find they don't work.

We still have some of the Christmas cake and shortbread Pam brought back from England when she visited the girls. Sadly though all the mince pies have been eaten. Gone are the days when we could still buy puds at reduced prices for weeks after Christmas. It's bad enough trying to find a pud before Christmas here in Spain.

Today is a national holiday here in Spain. Last night the three Kings came and delivered presents to all the good children and possibly some of the adults. I wonder if they try selling the unwanted ones on Ebay like people do in England these days. Certainly they wait until the last minute to buy presents like they do in the UK. We went to the local supermarket on the 5th at lunchtime when it is usually very quiet. Everybody and his aunty were there. They had even set up a special table so that people could wrap their presents in the free paper that they supply.

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