Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rio Segura

More than five thousand tons of sediment, the equivalent of 500 football pitches, has been removed from the Segura river.

23 workers have started a maintenance and preservation programme of the channel of the Segura river in section II, the 67 kilometers between the Contraparada (Murcia) and its ending in Guardamar (Alicante). They have removed a total of 12 vehicles and 16 animal corpses, mainly sheep, but also pigs and large dogs.

No wonder the river stunk like a sewer as it passed through Orihuela. Probably added to the flavour of the oranges from the trees that were irrigated by it though.

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Pete said...

That's just nasty. But as you've got time on your hands, are you both going to volunteer your services? :-)