Saturday, January 07, 2006

No luck at all

Our neighbour is one of those people for whom everything seems to go wrong. First of all they moved him from the plot that he bought and gave him a new location for his house. He tells me that they did this twice. I just wonder how he ever managed to find his house once it was built.

Then he built a conservatory at the front. When they came to connect him to mains gas the conservatory was covering the ventilation ducts. Either he continues to use bottled gas or he has to have a hole knocked through the wall of his conservatory.

He paid 8000 euros for air conditioning that barely kept the house cool in summer and now in winter is struggling to warm the place. The company that installed the system have been back four times. Each time it is the same man who doesn't speak any English. He just fiddles with a few settings and then goes away. I found him a local company who speak English. The serviceman who called yesterday has improved matters a great deal but told him that he thought the ducting in the ceiling was too large. There is not a lot he can do about that!

What is getting him down more though is the pool he had built at the front of the house which has taken ages to complete. Finally he got the electrics sorted out and the waterfall to his liking and filled it only to find there is a leak. When we say a leak we don't mean a small hole. He ran the pump overnight only to find he'd lost two foot of water by the morning. Let's hope it can be sorted out easily because he doesn't deserve all this bad luck.

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