Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wedding customs

Custom in Spain is to provide newly weds with everything that they need before the wedding. Any guests that haven’t bought the couple a present will give them money on the day. It saves a fortune on wrapping paper and avoids duplication.

Our Spanish teacher, who is getting married in April, arrived for the lesson yesterday in a brand new BMW. She explained that it had been bought for her by her brother and sister in law as a wedding present. We were wondering as a class what to buy her for the wedding. We now know not to buy her a car. Of course, back in England most couples get toasters and kettles. If they are lucky the close relatives might get them something larger like a washing machine or a cooker. Thankfully for these people families are a lot smaller than they used to be.

Another custom is for all the guests to pay for their own meal at the reception. Just as well because there can be over 200 people at a wedding in a small town like Bigastro.

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