Friday, January 27, 2006


Yesterday we went to San Miguel to get some cards and some paperbacks for Pam. Then we went down to try and find Villamartin Plaza. This is the third time we have been down to the area to find the Plaza

That whole area from the coast upwards towards San Miguel is one huge building site. Some of the developments are very smart and well finished with extensive green areas, pools and leisure facilities. Sadly though a lot of the urbanisations are made up of row after row of the same style house. Lots and lots of little boxes. In the end we gave up and found a café to have lunch.

On the way back we decided to take a detour to a small place called Rebate which is best known for its restaurant. The contrast could not have been more marked. The road to Rebate from San Miguel twists up and down hill through the most beautiful wooded countryside. The greenery of this area is in marked contrast to the land which stretches from Torremendo to Orihuela which is mostly planted with orange groves. Most of the trees are pines but set amongst them are plots of olives and almonds which are just coming into blossom. Dotted along the road are huge fincas the most spectacular of which has its own golf course. The views that finca enjoys are breathtaking.

When we reached the main road we turned towards Torremendo and followed the Bella Vista route around the Embalsement. The huge blue lake is still low reminding us that we still need a lot of rain to provide water for the summer months.

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Pete said...

But did you find the Plaza? We wait with bated breath!