Monday, January 30, 2006

Like losing your right arm

Friday afternoon the Internet connection went down. Later we found out why when we recieved two text messages from Wi-Surf. The first told us that their satellite provider had ceased trading the second that they would try to find an alternative provider ASAP. The sceptics suspect that it may be Wi-Surf themselves who have ceased trading. We sincerely hope not because that would put us back to square one.

Sods law tells you that this will happen when you need your internet connection. It rained all day Friday becoming heavy in the afternoon. Saturday we had heavy rain all day. Sunday was dry but very cold. In fact there was snow on the top of the mountains that we can see in the distance. So an ideal time to stay in and do some research on the net. We don´t know when we will have a connection back but it will probably be when the weather has improved.

To pile on the misery we had a power cut on Saturday morning which lasted an hour followed by two shorter power cuts later in the day. We don´t know what caused them but we do know that the whole of Bigastro was cut off. There was a very short power cut yesterday which seems to have affected some people but not others.

The weather at the moment is very cold with a strong wind making it feel even colder. The sky is mainly blue though and the sun is shining so hopefully we will get some better weather later in the week. Looking at the snow that has covered most of the rest of Europe we count ourselves lucky. At least here in Spain the snow is confined to the mountain regions.

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Pete said...


I did wonder what was going on - the diligent updates seemed to have dried up!

My every sympathy...when my connection goes down for two hours I start getting twitchy. :(

Now go and edit your post and give 'losing' the one 'o' that is deserves! ;)