Friday, January 26, 2007

Almost done

Well we've visited Pam's father, completed the probate on my Father's estate and been up to his house to collect any items that we wanted to keep. We are now ready to return to Spain and hope that it is a long while before we have to visit England again.

We could only bring a few mementos of Pops back in our cases. We have left some at Laura's house in Sale including photographs dating back to the Second World War. My Mother was efficient enough to write on the back the dates when the photographs were taken but sadly then stuck them into a scrapbook. Fortunately the glue hasn't spoiled the photos but will be difficult to remove from the backs. I will scan them when we eventually get them back to Spain to avoid any further deterioration.

We had said that we wouldn't buy anything to take back on this trip but Pam couldn't resist the two for one deal on Cadbury's chocolate fingers in Asda. Nor could she pass by on a pair of boots which she desperately needs. I, being practical, bought some paper to print out the wedding photos I took - again on a two for the price of one offer at PC World. Oh yes and a set of eight fishing DVDs (sad b******). It is the one thing I really miss from English TV - Friday nights watching fishing on Discovery Home and Leisure. Now I will be able to pack Pam off to bed, sit down with a large glass of brandy and watch fishing again.

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