Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to the Wirral

Yesterday we went to see Pam's father on the Wirral and are pleased to say that he was very well.

We then went on to see our previsous neighbors Hugh, Angela and Andrew.

We were delighted to hear that Hugh has put the Dental Practice on the market and so will be able to retire sometime this year. That will mean that they can come out and see us more often and for longer. Hugh is even planning to cycle across from northern Spain to our house. He might need a brandy when he arrives!

We were also delighted to see the progress that Angela has made since her operation to remove a disc from her neck. By the time we see them again we hope she will be running on all four cylinders in turbo mode. Actually, as Hugh pointed out, even when she was struggling to hold a glass of wine she could still speak for well over five minutes without stopping. In Angela's defence she did have a lot to tell us.

I have to tell you that the Parry- Jones once again excelled themselves in the kitchen and treated us to a wonderful meal. Their culinary expertise puts my efforts on the BBQ to shame. Still my excuse is that you can't get the ingredients so easily in Spain. Not true of course but it sounds convincing.

So thank you Hugh, Angela and Hugh for a splendid evening and for putting us up for the night at such short notice.

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Angela, Hugh amd Andrew said...

The company makes the meal even more special, especially when it is the Williamsons!