Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Connection speed

The speed at which the Internet operates can be confusing.

Because a particular download or web page is slow to load doesn't necessarily mean that our connection to the Internet is slow. It is easy to blame our provider even when the problem lies further down the line.

In fact, since we moved to the microwave/ADSL hybrid system, the speed of our connection has been pretty stable at about 860.0Kbs download and 225.0Kbs upload which means we have a 1Mb connection. With current ADSL over a landline we probably wouldn't get any better than that.

However that could all change according to this article in El Pais.

In essence: 50 Mbs ADSL

The main operator of access to Internet in Spain, Telefónica, has reserved 800 million euros to unfold a new VDSL network in Spain to replace the existing ADSL network. This could be available for the users for end of this year 2007 and will bring Spain in line with other European countries.

We will have to wait and see if other operators can take advantage of this increased speed. In the meantime the best ADSL offer on the market seems to be with who will provide up to 20Mbs connection including free national and local phone calls for 19,95€ (plus IVA). Their package includes a free wi-fi modem/router.

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