Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Would you believe it?

The first time we wanted to use the new VoIP account we couldn't. I wanted to test it before buying any credit (the Yorkshireman in me coming out) so Pamela could only have made a short call with the 20p free credit. More important though the network was down. You know that just by looking at the phone. When it is connected there is a black rectangle in the top left of the display. No rectangle - no connection. So not only could Pam not call out but Laura couldn't call the UK number we gave her.

I checked with my computer if we had a connection to the Internet. Funny thing was we sort of had a connection and I was able to download emails and even get to Google and my online bank account. I couldn't get to much more though.

Anyway it is working today and I have taken the brave step of topping up my VoIP account.

If you want to sign up for a free VoIP account go to and quote 83462157 as your referrer. The process is painless and costs nothing and I will get a further £2 credit!


laura williamson said...

i know i thought i would try and call you and all i got was this service is temporarily unavalible!!oh dear!!

Vladimir Olegovich said...


I also used the voiptalk for a long time, but recently it started letting me down. So, I've found similar one - check it here voip portal