Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New phone service

Bigastro has begun to modernize its municipal services and now they have a unique telephone number for us to access them.
96 535 00 00

From this number you can access all the municipal services without having to memorize other numbers. You just follow the operator instructions to connect to the extension you need.

* Local Police: Ext. 1
* City council Ext. 2
* Social Services Ext. 3
* Audience and Library Ext. 4
* Educative Centers Ext. 5
* Maintenance Ext. 6

Our only problem is that we still don't have a telephone in the house which we can use to call any number let alone that one.

Apparently some people, including my next door neighbour, have had letters from Telefonica advising them that they will have a telephone installed soon. It is thought that these may be radio phones which of course are more expensive to use and don't offer ADSL broadband.

Telefonica did arrive at one house to install a landline phone but then realised there was no cable from the box outside to the exchange and so they left.

Rumour has it that we may get our connection by February but then we were promised a line by Christmas so we're not holding our breath on that one.

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