Sunday, January 14, 2007

Safe with a Skoda

Police have recovered five cars; a Mercedes, a Seat and 3 Ford Focus’, stolen from houses in the urbanisations around Torrevieja, one from San Miguel de Salinas and another from Guardamar de Segura.

Two people were arrested in a flat in Beniel and both have criminal records, while a third was caught stealing a vehicle in Bigastro; his companion resisted fiercely and was able to escape. One of them was using seven different false names and had 80 previous arrests for muggings and burglary.

The flat was filled with stolen goods including computers, cameras, music equipment, mobile phones, jewellery and cash. There were also gloves, balaclavas and tools for committing the burglaries.

The suspects have been remanded in custody after apearing in court in Murcia on Saturday. Operation Titanic started in Beniel in November 2006 when a black Seat, stolen from Guardamar, was spotted with 3 men inside. The operation is still open and a further three men are being sought.

PS I hope they catch them before they take a fancy to my Skoda.
PPS Just click on this link for news about Skoda

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