Friday, June 20, 2008

Delivery closer to home

Residents here will have noticed that the post boxes at the bottom of the estate now all have numbers on them. Although, they already had street names and addresses put on by the builder, these were obviously not what the Correos required to make deliveries to them.

I imagine that, some time in the future,  post will be delivered to our boxes in the same way it is to the ones outside the Post Office i.e. by number rather than by address. If that is the case, we'll have to notify people of our box number to get a delivery to them.

If I am right, then any mail which doesn't have the box number on will have to be collected from the Post Office as it is at present.  I know that some people have concerns about the security of the post boxes and so may prefer to collect their post from Correos rather than have it delivered to their box. Leaving the box number off seems the logical way to achieve that.

If anybody knows anything different , then I will happily stand corrected.

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