Thursday, June 26, 2008

The invasion is imminent

First soldiers in Shropshire spotted 13 orange orbs which they described as UFOs, now people in Liverpool have spotted them as well.

The theory is that these are aliens looking for somewhere to land. Having done their research and learnt that Liverpool is the Capital of Culture for 2008; they probably believe it would be the best place to learn about the English way of life. With an unemployment rate of 26%, at least Liverpool will have lots of people for them to talk to and show them around.

Some other comments about this story from the Sun:-

Maybe they were looking for somewhere to park after all they don't want to come back to find their craft on bricks.

Be honest why would residents of Liverpool be worried about an invasion. What alien in it's right mind would want to invade Liverpool. If a rocket landed, it's boosters would be nicked and sold for scrap in about 20 seconds.

I hope the aliens have plenty of 50p coins to pay the local hooligan kids NOT to key their flying saucers.

Just shows you how word's got round that we are open to all when it comes to free benefits.

They were looking for the Maghull chippie

Maybe they were looking for cheap fuel! Got that completely wrong haven't they, obviously not intelligent life!

Extra terrestrial life has already been found in Liverpool. He transferred to Man Utd four years ago though.

What a terrible reputation Scousers have even in their own town.

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