Monday, June 23, 2008

An excellent night out

Last night we thoroughly enjoyed the Grupo de Teatro "El Lugarico"'s performance of "Un Drama de Calderón" at the Auditorium Francisco Grau.

It would be wrong to single out any one actor who took part because they were all very good - even the pair who played he bull that came on at the end of the play! The main actors spoke slowly and clearly making it a possible for us to understand most of their lines. Muchas gracias.

We also would like to compliment the people working backstage, especially the director Aurelio Murcia. From lighting, makeup, costumes to scenery the whole performance was highly professional.

So, we had one neighbour directing the play, another in charge of makeup and a third in charge of lighting and sound - in all a a bit of a coup for Calle Irlanda.

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