Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox 3

Have you downloaded your copy of Firefox 3 yet? The Mozilla Corporation wanted as many people to download the new software in the first day in an attempt to set a world record. Although the figures have to be ratified, it looks like more than 6million users have helped Mozilla to achieve their goal.

Firefox 3 builds on Firefox 2 by including improved security and performance features, which Mozilla hopes will build on the browser's initial success and grab more market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

According to figures from Net Applications, Firefox is currently used by 18.4% of browsers worldwide, trailing Internet Explorer's 73.8% share of the market, but ahead of Apple's Safari with 6.3%.

Progress has been slow since Firefox arrived with a bang in 2004 as the first significant challenger to Microsoft for several years. The complete market domination of Internet Explorer over Firefox's predecessor, Netscape, had previously been a central plank in the US government's antitrust case against the Seattle software giant in the 1990s.

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