Friday, June 20, 2008

Thumbs up for Restaurante La Alborada

A couple of people have commented favourably about this restaurant:

1. We have been there a couple of times, first to the main restaurant, which was an expensive sit down job, three courses, but lots of attention. We were taken there again by a Spanish couple but this time we sat in the bar area. Only a couple of other tables were being used, so it was fairly quiet. Same food as the restaurant but at a much reduced price. Though the menu given to us was only in Spanish, lots of 'Do you have?', 'Can you do?', 'I would really like' got things that were not on the menu, but available, - there for the asking, provided you make a stab at the lingo.

We ate Spanish style, lots of plates but no real main dish - you know the score, salad, ham, fish, prawns, lamb, sausages, fried potatoes, cheese, bread, disgustingly sweet puds, wine, water and coffee.  The whole lot came to 25 euros a head with tip, still not cheap but much less than a sit down job through the back.

We find more and more that if you want a three course, table cloth do, you will get it, but at a price. Better to do as the locals do, sit in the bar and enjoy the atmosphere, the food is just as good, it's more fun and the bill won't damage the bank balance.

2. The other comment reinforced this view. The second couple ate at the bar at lunchtime and said the food was excellent and plentiful. They paid only 10€ each for the menú del dia

We're booked to go down there for a lunchtime menu and then later on for the evening menu. Following these comments we are looking forward to some good food.

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