Thursday, April 21, 2011


image With Easter being late this year, we might have expected some decent weather. Last week was just perfect, if only that had continued!

Just look at these forecasts for the Easter weekend.
image It looks like it will either be rainy today or just cloudy. Looking out of the window at the dark grey sky, I’d bet on rain for at least part of the day.

For tomorrow it is anybody’s guess. The forecast is gloomy.

Pam and I will not waste our time going to Orihuela just to find the Good Friday procession cancelled.

As for Sunday, I was looking forward to getting up early to take some pictures of the Encuentro in Bigastro. The forecast though is for rain which might see that cancelled as well.

And they say they sun shines on the righteous, this will be the third Easter out of seven that we have spent here that has been spoilt by the weather. Damn it, we've even got the heating on.

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