Saturday, April 23, 2011

A night to remember

The weather stayed fair, so Pam and I went to Orihuela to watch the general procession for Semana Santa and were so glad we did.

Night was starting to fall as the first cofradia set off on their long route around the city. Pam and I were well placed at the old bridge near to the start so it wasn’t long before the first of many nazarenes came past followed by the beautifully decorated pasos.

The air was laden with the scent of incense and lilies as paso after paso passed by. Some were accompanied by the sound of drums beating out a solemn rhythm, others had cornets or bugles as well. There were several bands parading including our very own band from Bigastro led by Thomas.

Raquel Diaz was home from her studies in Barcelona especially for Easter and was spotted in the band playing her flute.

IMG_0058a IMG_0059a
IMG_0060a IMG_0061a

You can see the rest of my pictures from this event here.

PS A big thank you to our neighbour Manuel for giving us lots of sweets, they kept us going all night!

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