Thursday, April 21, 2011

I’m talking about football–again!

I can’t believe I am doing this because I have no interest in football, never have. I put this change of face down to the influence of my son-in-law to be. 

Arsenal had the chance to inch closer to Manchester United in the Premier League last night with their game against Spurs but threw away a 2 goal lead to finish 3 all and put themselves in the third spot behind United and Chelsea. Apparently it was a thrilling game to watch.

More important though, Jose Mourinho won his first trophy with Real Madrid last night. The match was only spoilt for me by the number of fouls and yellow cards handed out by the ref.

Now I know nothing about football but even I could see that because Barcelona spent so much time keeping the ball in the midfield with their clever passing, they failed to get into the goal area where it counts. And even when their star players did manage to penetrate deep into the Real Madrid half, they were robbed of their chances by defenders using whatever means it took. Oh and let’s not forget there were a few brilliant saves by the Real Madrid captain as well.

On the other hand, Real Madrid had difficulty in keeping the ball. But when they did, their strikers moved like lightening towards the Barcelona goal, leaving most of their opponents at the wrong end of the pitch.

Whilst Lionel Messi never looked like having a chance to add to his 49 goals this season,  Cristiano Ronaldo had al least three chances to add to his total in the first half. He finally made it with a well placed header during the first period of extra time.

The teams next meet in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday 27 April.

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