Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fireman sets Guiness record

British fireman, Steve Moore will enter the Guinness Book of World Records by driving a fire truck 50,000 miles around the world. In doing so, Steve will have raised £100,000 for charity.

Steve’s long journey started in London on the 10th July last year and has taken him across five continents. He has visited Moscow, Beijing, Lao PDR, Singapore, Australia from Perth to Brisbane, New Zealand, USA, Morocco and now Spain.

Steve is near the end of his epic journey. On Wednesday, he visited Torrevieja where he was met by the mayor, Pedro Hernández Mateo. During his stay he met with some of the Spanish firemen at Torrevieja’s new fire station along with retired firemen from the UK.

Steve’s next stop will be Barcelona where he will begin the last leg of his journey taking him through Paris and back to London where, in Greenwich Park, there will be a huge party for him on Sunday 10th April.

Steve chose to stop off in Torrevieja because of the large number of British residents there.

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