Monday, March 18, 2013

A new phase

I sense that the Bigastro town band are entering a new phase. When we first heard them play, eight years ago, they were good, very good. Since then though, the band have made a lot of progress. Although I am not a musician and probably not qualified to pass a professional judgement, I feel that they play with more passion these days.

The other notable change is that they are playing more pieces involving soloists. Last night we had three; José Antonio Pérez Lorente, Susi Gálvez Mesples and Pablo Grau Murcia. There were other smaller solo parts played during the performance.

As an encore, Francisco Grau conducted the band whilst they played his latest composition, a pasadoble. And finally, the band paid tribute to Joaquín Perales, their main patron. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable concert and one that we were glad not to miss.

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