Friday, March 29, 2013

A response from Charles

One of my readers, Charles Smythe responds to my item about the cyber attack.

They say that the Internet is made up of 80% torrents and sex sites; the remaining 20% can be largely queried whereby most of which one reads is just plain nonsense. Your article 'A Possible Explanation' is one such example. It's just not true!
The Internet "War" which has been so prevalent over the past few days on news' sites is purely a distraction from other major stories around the world which have either been under-reported or ignored.
In your report there is scant evidence to suggest that anything actually happened at all. How gullible people really are, dragged into stories which have no basis of truth:

Thank you Charles for pointing this out.

I am no expert on these matters, I merely reported what I had read for several quality news sources including the Telegraph, the Guardian and the BBC. There is no doubt that the attack took place and was in fact the largest attack of its kind. Several sources agree that this may well be only the first of many attacks on the Internet of this sort to happen in 2013.

However, opinions differ about the problems that these assaults on the Internet cause. Gizmodo seem to think that the issues were insignificant and report data to show how little was affected this time; others tend to disagree. In the end, we are dealing as much with people’s opinions on these matters as we are facts.

Much of what I write on my blog is opinion, based in most cases on truth and that is a fact!

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Charles Smythe said...

As most news is gleaned from just a handful of sources around the world, the same news goes around & around the Internet like wildfire. In the Culture of Fear world in which we live (where thanks are given daily to our caring governments for protecting us from unforseen 'dangers out there') it's the job of governements and other official agencies to keep us 'in order'. This fear-mongering is often unfounded and based upon nothing more than roving reporters having nothing much else to write about.

It depends how you define 'quality' newspapers (is there such a thing nowadays?)... these following well-respected 'quality' reports taken from The Guardian, Yahoo! and Scientific American contradict the fear that is becoming more prevalent nowadays and which was recently reported regarding so-called cyber attacks:

Notice how similar the reports are?Best to question everything that one reads first before jumping the gun, don't you think?