Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caught snacking

Marana (21 of 25)Our neighbour Eladia enjoying an afternoon snack with her friends at Café & Garden, Maraná which you will recall is the new venture that our ex teacher Ana and her sister Marisu have developed at their parent’s house on the road to Hurchillo from Orihuela.

As you can see from my pictures, there is an elegant bar inside where you can enjoy a drink, a dessert or a warming bowl of soup. There is a children’s play area and spacious gardens with tables set out. There are also casetas in the garden with elegant seating for various size groups. Each one is slightly different but they all share the same sound system for background music.

Opening a bar in Spain is a risky business because there is no shortage of them already. You need to create something different and that is what Ana and her sister have done. First off it is exclusive, there are only a few houses nearby so most of the clients drive there. Secondly, it is an elegant place to visit with your friends. The thing that makes it really different though is the spacious garden with its casetas where you can shelter from the weather and of course, the children’s play area – perfect for families.

I was sorry that the weather was overcast, not the best of lighting. Still there will be other days!

Opening hours are: Thursday 3pm until it closes. Friday and Saturday 3pm until midnight and Sundays 3pm until it closes.




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