Thursday, March 21, 2013

Such a waste

Most fishermen know that the anchovies which are abundant in the sea around Torrevieja will not reach the legal size until about mid April but that has not stopped some from going out to catch them. Landing  undersized fish damages fish stocks and in any case, the price for these fish is much lower than will be achieved when the fish are of the right size.

The Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Semprona) closed the auction of 700 boxes of anchovies in the Port of Torrrevieja because over ten percent of them were under the minimum size limit. The fish will now go to Caritas.

Discarding fish that have no commercial value is a highly controversial issue. It is estimated that up to 25% of fish caught by trawl nets from Santa Pola are discarded for this reason. Fish stocks throughout the world are fragile and need to be closely monitored otherwise there will come a day when they are not longer there.

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