Sunday, March 31, 2013

Made it!

Having missed the Encuentro last year, I was determined to make it this morning. Of course, the odds were against me because the clocks went forward last night. To add to that, we watched a film until midnight. That meant I effectively got to bed at 1am to be awakened at 6am – five hours sleep!!

It was worth it though to see this very moving ceremony.

You all know the story; Jesus has risen from the dead but his mother Mary is unaware of that fact until she encounters him. Dressed in a black robe for mourning, Mary sets off from the church followed by Jesus who takes a different route. When they meet, Mary’s robe is removed and she is crowned, a confetti bomb goes off, doves are released and in the background there is a mascleta of fireworks. The two then parade back together to the church and are showered with petals on the way.

You can see my pictures from this morning here.

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Alberto Belmonte said...

Thanks for the photos !!!