Saturday, March 23, 2013

Everything is running out in Britain

Britain is used to having shortages of just about everything you can imagine. It only takes an article in one of the scare mongering papers to trigger a run on items such as petrol, milk, sugar etc etc.

The country is used to being short of water. One drier than usual winter and hose pipe bans are put in place with a threat of stand pipes in the street if people don’t cut down. Almost as soon as they issue these bans, it pours with rain and half the country is on flood alert.

The latest scare is that gas will run out. The Daily Mail reports that Britain has only 36 hours of gas in reserve at a time when the country is covered with snow and is facing another cold snap. North sea gas is dwindling and the storage capacity in Britain is said to be woefully inadequate. 

To add to that misery, there is also a possibility that the country will not be able to meet the demand for electricity in future years. Power stations that do not meet strict EU guidelines are being closed and are not being replaced in the near future.

Most Brits recognise that, of all the newspapers, the Daily Mail is the one to relish doom and gloom. They were one of the papers who told us of secret plans to send ships and planes  to rescue British ex-pats in Spain when the economic crisis started to bite.

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