Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A problem in the making

When AENA built the new terminal at Alicante, they predicted a growth in passenger numbers of up to 11 million per year.

So far, that has not materialised mainly because Ryanair, who were the main user of the airport, cut services when they were forced to pay for air bridges to load and offload passengers. However passenger numbers are now rising and so the target is getting ever closer to being met.

If passenger numbers continue to rise, then we will have a major problem because access to the airport via the N-338 will become woefully inadequate. The Institute for Economic Studies in Alicante says that, passengers to the airport combined with events at the future Palacio Ferial at IFA will cause immense traffic problems for the N-338 which they say urgently needs widening.

There are also calls for improvements to alternative means of transport including more bus services and a rail link. 

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