Tuesday, July 09, 2013

No escape any more

Spain used to be the favoured hideout of villains from Britain. Without extradition orders, they could set up home in the sun with impunity.

Many have now been caught, thanks to joint operations including Andrew Moran who had been on the run for four years. Moran escaped from the dock during his trial for armed robbery. In spite of changing his identity, the Spanish police caught up with him whilst he was sunbathing at a villa in Calpe and arrested him.

Another villain, Mark Lilley, had been on the run for 13 years and so must have thought he was safe. Lilley, who was convicted of drug trafficking, skipped bail during his trial. Since then he has been hiding in Malaga.

During a dawn raid, police climbed over the gate and battered down his front door. Lilley was hidden in a panic room concealed behind a wardrobe. From his hideout he was able to watch what was going on via CCTV and only decided to surrender when he realised there was no escape.

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