Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Moya claims he was not to blame

In his defence, the ex-mayor of Bigastro said that locating the gas tanks on land that was designated as green space was based on technical reports.

When he was asked about the legality of such action he claimed  that, no one told him it was illegal, if he had known he would not have given permission. He went on to explain that he was only the mayor and was not omnipotent (perhaps he meant to say competent) . When he signed contracts, he was only certifying what others had either managed or controlled. In other words, the problem lay with the technician and the town clerk and not with himself.

When asked about his qualifications, Moya told the judge that he had studied economics which makes the notion that he had no idea what he was signing seem absurd. I would suggest that, after 28 years in office, Moya knew exactly what he was doing and even if he didn’t, as mayor he had the ultimate responsibility. 

The case continues today.  

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