Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don’t you just love the Daily Mail?

I quote

British holidaymakers heading to Spain are being warned to take extra care as the country prepares to be hit by a killer heat wave.

Scorching winds from Saharan Africa with temperatures of 43C are forecast to sweep across the country from tomorrow and are expected to last for a week.

The worst affected areas will be Andalucia and Murciain in southern Spain, but even the normally cooler areas of the north will have temperatures of at least 38 C in the shade.

Note the totally unnecessary emphatic expressions:” killer heat wave” and “scorching winds” and where in Spain is Murciain supposed to be, surely they mean Murcia.

I’d rather go to more reliable sources for weather information like AEMET who are predicting temperatures of 34 during the daytime and 21 at night – much the same as we would expect at this time of year.

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