Monday, July 29, 2013

More problems for the Rock

The dispute over Gibraltar continues.

Last month, Spanish police on a Guardia Civil boat took pot shots at a jet ski that was close to the beach. It is not clear whether the boat had inadvertently strayed in Spanish waters or not.

David Cameron apparently confronted Mariano Rajoy over the ‘unacceptable’ threats made to Gibraltar following the jet ski incident. He warned the Spanish Prime Minister that he would not tolerate breaches of international law.

Last week, Spanish fishermen attempted to disrupt the creation of an artificial reef in the Bay of Gibraltar by weaving in between the Royal Navy boats. The large concrete blocks are being laid to protect sea life but of course they will also prevent illegal trawling by the fishermen in British waters.

The latest move is to stop every vehicle that leaves Gibraltar. The other day, 10,000 vehicles were held for up to six hours in 30 degree of heat. The Gibraltar police have been forced to create diversion and holding pens for the vehicles.

Although, Spain sees taking over Gibraltar as a very lucrative proposition, Gibraltarians have made it clear many times that they do not want to surrender their status to become part of Spain.

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