Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The mayor fights back

The mayor of Bigastro, Charo Bañuls  could not let the remarks made by Aurelio Murcia to the press go by. Nor could she ignore the motion of censure that he was negotiating with the Socialists. As for a change to salaries – that would be impossible. She attributes Murcia’s claims about  popularity with the people to his responsibility for maintenance. People stop him in the market to complain about things like cracks in the road.

Charo Bañuls  says that the pact between the PP and the UPLC is completely broken and that the responsibilities covered by the two Liberal councillors should now be undertaken by PP members. If her provincial party leaders accept the proposal it would mean that the PP would have to govern Bigastro in a minority.

image[2] We have to remember that, in the 2011 elections,  the PSOE won 45% of the votes and have 6 seats on the council against 34% and 5 seats for the PP. At council meetings, the PP on its own would loose every vote to the Socialists. However, I think we can safely rule out a pact between the Socialists and the UPLC who together would have a clear majority.

If the wounds are not healed, then Bigastro faces two years with nothing being decided by a council that is split in three.

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