Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cool again

The air conditioning unit in the lounge was not working properly. The air from it was not cold and it wasn’t taking any water out – time for some attention.

When we first had the units in the lounge and main bedroom installed in 2005, it was Hnos Gutiérrez who did the work. Father and son came and slaved most of the day to provide us with cool comfort.

When the two units needed servicing in 2010 we called on them to do the work and so it was only natural that we should ask them again to sort the problem out for us. This time it was only the son who came with his girlfriend so we missed the humour of the father. I am pleased to say that, after a thorough test and a re-gas, the unit is working perfectly again.

Now I would not recommend someone if I did not think that they do a good job at a fair price. In this case though I have no hesitation in passing on the information.

Hnos Gutiérrez - phone 651 65 66 57 to speak to Raquel in English (or Spanish if you wish!).

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