Monday, November 02, 2015

A few problems

This trip started out so well. We arrived in Manchester in sunshine and apart from the odd patch of rain, it has stayed fine. The birthday party for our grandson went very well and we have enjoyed some good quality time with our family.

Things started to go wrong though when we went to Knowsley Safari Park. Just as we entered the lion enclosure, Molly was sick. She recovered but was then sick again in the car on the way home. After 14 hours in bed that night, Molly seems to be fully recovered.

We'd picked up a hire car at the airport, a brand new Corsa SRi which we were very pleased with. The last few days though it has been running rough once the engine was hot. Then we got a warning message yesterday to say that the engine was overheating - the temperature gauge read 130! When I checked, there was no water in the coolant reservoir so I topped it up with a bottle of water. After that the car seemed OK but this morning the water level is down again. Thankfully, we take it back tomorrow and fly home.

Just to add to that, Pamela woke up this morning feeling lousy. She has since been sick a couple of times and feels drained. Our plan was to go shopping in Manchester today and meet Laura after work. That plan is scrapped and I'm not sure what we can do now because Pamela is still in bed sleeping it off.

So, I have a sick car and a sick wife - things can only improve!

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