Saturday, November 07, 2015

Whatever floats your boat

Go along to IFA near Alicante Elche airport this weekend and you can enjoy the delights of the Alicante Erotic Festival.

The show promises over 50 artists and 200 uninterrupted pornographic performances.

Something for all tastes. 

It is not just heterosexuals who are catered for, there will also be shows for gays.

For your delight and education there will be demonstrations of erotic positions, a master class on the G-spot, stalls selling men's and women's erotic underwear, an erotic casino and fetish shows where you can discover the pleasure of the whip and domination. For those who like to participate, there will also be a "swinger's area" where you can let off some steam.

No surprise, this is expected to be one of the most popular exhibitions held at the conference centre this year. In a country where prostitutes are allowed to ply their trade by the side of the road and talk of all matters to do with sex is open and often indiscreet, it is easy to understand how such a show can take place in such a public way.

The show may help to bolster the ailing conference centre which has serious problems with leaks in the roofs of at least two of its pavilions and needs some serious cash to effect repairs. So far they have been patching the leaks but that only moves the problem on to another part of the roof. Actually, a bit of water through the roof may be welcome and help to cool things down this weekend.


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