Sunday, November 15, 2015

A popular crop

As you tour the area you cannot help but notice the huge fields of artichokes. The reason is that this is both a popular and profitable crop here.

This year the farmers expect to harvest over 25,000 tons of artichokes due to the 16% increase in acreage planted. In total it is said that there are 1,800 hectares of artichokes grown in the Vega Baja.

I have to say that it is not my favourite vegetable. We have tried it at home by boiling the leaves twice and then eating just the tips dipped in garlic mayonnaise. This method leaves you with a lot of waste for a minimal return. We have also eaten them in restaurants cooked in various different ways but I always find the flavour bland unless it is dressed in some way and the lower parts always seem to be woody.

Still, there is no denying their popularity with many of the locals.

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