Saturday, November 14, 2015

In praise of UCMA

UCMA (Unidad cirugia mayor ambulatorio), the outpatients surgical unit at Vega Baja, is where I went yesterday to have a prostate biopsy.

In preparation I had already had a consultation with the anaesthetist where he considered a range of evidence including a chest x-ray, an ECG, a blood analysis, my weight, height, medical history and blood pressure before deciding it was OK for me to have a general anaesthetic.

Yesterday I was prepped for the procedure by again having an ECG and blood pressure tests. Only then and with careful monitoring, was I taken into the theatre for the biopsy which I am told took about ten minutes to complete.

Afterwards, I was taken back to the recovery room where I was again closely monitored.

Two hours after I had arrived, I was on my way home with a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics.

Of course I can only make a layman's judgement on the care and attention that I received but it was impressive and fell in line with the general impression that we have of the health system here in Spain.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation, I have every confidence that the follow up will be equally thorough.

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