Saturday, November 28, 2015

Does your car need a new coat?

Although we don't have salt on the roads in this part of Spain during winter, there are other elements that damage the paintwork on your car. The chief culprit is the sun which is a blessing as far as we are concerned but not for our cars. The lucky ones who have a garage or car port can protect their paintwork for longer than those of us who have to park on a drive or the road. Inevitably though, the sun, along with all that dust from the Sahara is going to degrade the paint on your car.

If the paintwork on your car is not looking its best then a respray is the best solution but not all paint shops are the same. When I worked in Liverpool there were places that resprayed cars virtually out in the street. The result was paint that had dust embedded in it and a surface that felt rough. I also saw cars that had badly matched colours, resprayed paint that had gone dull and topcoat varnish that was peeling.

When a van ran into the back of my Roomster, I took it to Rubio Movil in Torrevieja for repair. What I got back was a car that looked like new and stayed like that for the rest of the time that I kept it. The colour match was perfect both in daylight and under sodium light at night. The paint felt smooth to the touch and it did not matt over time.

You can see the prices they charge in the picture above and compare them with those offered to you elsewhere.

PS I do not have any commercial tie with Rubio Movil. Like many, I am just a satisfied customer.

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