Monday, November 23, 2015

A knockout weekend

After photographing the new recruits to the band, we went down on Saturday to listen to the concert for Santa Cecilia. The quality of the performance very much depends on the personnel who are available and on Saturday it was a full team that played for us. That meant it was one of the best concerts that we have attended, everything was simply perfect including the superb solo performances.

As a reward for my work taking photos and now recording audio, Pam and I were invited to lunch with the band in the Sala Polivalente at the Auditorium Francisco Grau.We regard this as a great honour because the invitations are selective.

I can only tell you that our stomachs were groaning after the delicious feast and I needed a siesta when we returned to our house.

Last night, the choir, Manuel Moya gave their own concert with thirteen items on the programme including several in English. Their pronunciation of our difficult language was near perfect, you could understand every single word that was being sung. As for the singing, well even without the superb solo performances, the choir were simply brilliant, the best we have heard them.

I know that the musicians and singers are eternally grateful for my efforts in recording their performances and of course we are more than grateful for the entertainment they provide for us.  Long live the association between us. Actually, I get the better part of the deal because they spend hour upon hour rehearsing, it takes me just a few hours at the computer to process the pictures and the audio files.

You can see my photos from the events of the weekend by selecting the albums in the sidebar.

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