Monday, November 09, 2015

A moving ceremony

Almost eleven years without British TV means that Pamela and I have been unable to watch the ceremony at the Cenotaph in remembrance of those that fought to keep our country safe. During the two great wars and in others since, countless men and women sacrificed themselves for our good.

Our parents took part in the 2nd World War and our grandparents in the 1st. Thankfully, they all survived but many were not so lucky. However, even the survivors suffered in ways that we find hard to imagine.  

Our new IPTV system allows us to watch BBC1. So yesterday morning we sat down to follow the events unfolding at Whitehall.

Each year the number of veterans from the 2nd World War dwindles but their places are taken by others who have survived later conflicts in which Britain has taken part. Along with them were members of the various associations associated with the military.

It was an impressive piece of pageantry for which Britain is well known. The timing, the precision, the sheer organisation of of over 100,000 people taking part are things that we British can be proud of.

The fact that we take time out on a Sunday morning in November to remember those that have served their country is right and proper. We should never forget what they did and nor should our children, our grandchildren and their children for generations to come.

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