Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Crazy prices

Liverpool football fans staged a walkout of the terraces in protest against the proposed rise in ticket prices to £77.

It seems though that the prices at Liverpool are not exceptional. At Bournemouth, the most expensive seat would cost you £32 but at Arsenal a similar seat would cost £97.

Although Pam and I paid over £100 each to watch The Who in Manchester, that was very much a one off event. Following your team during a season means paying out every week and some weeks more than once. Football used to be a working man's game where supporters would travel by foot or bus to watch their team for a few bob* and maybe enjoy a pint or two in the pub afterwards. Clearly, that is not longer the case.

For a full season at Arsenal, I could be well on the way to buying a Leica camera!!

* For the sake of my Spanish readers, a bob was the colloquial term for a shilling (pre decimal money) worth 5p or 1/20th of a pound sterling (just over 6 centimos) in current terms.

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