Thursday, February 18, 2016


For those who come here on holiday, crossing the road can be confusing at first. Your brain tells you instinctively to look right to check if there is a vehicle coming your way but of course you really need to look left instead.

Apparently, making the mistake of looking in the wrong direction has been the cause of a number of accidents in Benidorm involving British tourists. The problem is worse when they have had a few drinks, a situation that many our fellow countrymen regularly find themselves in.

The solution that the council have come up with is to paint Look left signs on zebra crossings. Whilst I hope this helps, I can't help but feel that the drunken tourists really need to show more responsibility.

Last week, Pam and I were on our way to the Age Concern shop in San Louis  when a young man turned and started to cross the road in front of us. I can't say what nationality he was, possibly British. Either way, I doubt that he was drunk at that time of day but you never know. Fortunately I was going slow enough to avoid him.

When I looked, he had his earphones in and so was presumably listening to his music. Since there is very little traffic on that road, he probably thought that it wasn't necessary to look. Nobody had taught him the golden rules STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and LOOK LEFT, LOOK RIGHT, LOOK LEFT AGAIN.

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