Monday, February 15, 2016

Never heard a thing

From the afternoon when the wind had picked up, it seemed to quieten down a little.

As we went to bed you could still hear it howling at the front of the house which in our case faces away from the road. Thankfully, our bedroom is on the leeward side - facing south and east - so it was near silent. That was fortunate because looking at the graph, the wind was gathering force and by 3am was at its peak. For sure that would have disturbed our sleep.

This morning it is calm out there. One of the chairs has moved but other than that, all seems OK. The job this morning is to put the covers back on the outside furniture and the furniture on the porch in the hope that we don't get a repeat performance any time soon.

UPDATE Well the wind picked up again but that did not last too long so all is restored.

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