Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's rough out there

This morning the sun was shining, the wind was blowing but not too strong. Towards lunchtime it calmed down and I did begin to wonder if the forecasters had got it wrong.

Not one bit, by 3pm the wind picked up and the sky turned grey. It is now 4:45 and to add to our misery it started to rain.

I'd left the cover off the barbecue so that is getting wet. The cover over the furniture on the porch had already blown off and was stuck by the side so that is getting wet. The garden furniture which we'd cleaned and covered is now open to the elements - I removed the cover about half an hour ago to prevent it getting either ripped or simply blown away.

We don't mind rain as long as it is not throwing down buckets but the wind is a real pain. To be fair, this is not the strongest wind we have faced but it is the worst we have had for a few years. Let's hope it dies down sooner rather than later. The official forecast says that should happen by midday tomorrow, I have my fingers crossed.

PS The consolation is that the wind is coming (as it usually does) from the west to north west which means it will be quiet in the bedroom. 

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