Sunday, February 28, 2016

The finishing touches

After numerous rehearsals, yesterday was the opportunity for the band to put some finishing touches to their performance ready for tonight's concert.

Bigastro will take the stage for half of the concert, the band from Los Montesinos will play the other half.

Bigastro will be presenting the programme that they will take to ADDA for the Certamen on the 5th March so this will be a dress rehearsal for them.

To say that the band have shown determination and commitment to their goal would be an understatement. There have been many long hours of practising, refining, polishing and generally sharpening the performance to arrive at this point.

I was down at the Auditorium to capture some shots of them and have produced a small album to show you.

PS The light in the rehearsal room was not great and so many of my images are noisy. I apologise for that. If I'd taken my full frame camera, the results would have been better.

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