Monday, February 29, 2016

How was it?

Last night we were down at the Auditorium for the Concierto del Socio.

As I said in a previous post, there were two bands playing; the band from Los Montesinos followed by the Bigastro band.

The band from Los Montesinos have won many awards and it showed. There are a lot of young, talented musicians in the band which bodes well for its future.

Then we had a dress rehearsal for the Certamen with the Bigastro band playing three pieces.

The second of the three was the set piece that all five bands will play and interpret in their own ways. I would say it was a challenging piece, not just for the band but for the audience as well. The final work was Sidus by Thomas Doss which the band have played at several concerts over the last year of so.

Each time they play Sidus though it is different, partly because the band line up changes and partly because they are refining their performance each time. The addition of at least one more tuba, a double bass and a bass trombone has made a huge difference to the sound the band produces which now has greater depth.

There was a time when woodwind was the strength of the band. I would say that the brass section has now caught up- a much better balance - sounded bloody good to me.

PS Three more rehearsals and then it is showtime in Alicante!!

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