Saturday, May 14, 2016

A sell out

If you were thinking of going to the concert on Sunday but don't have tickets yet, you are out of luck.

Pam and I were down at the Auditorium on Tuesday for our Spanish lesson but forgot to pick up tickets then.

Pam called at the Auditorium when she was down in the town later in the week but it only opens in the afternoons so no luck.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to try and get tickets but was told by the young lady there that none were left.

Luckily, the President of the Band was outside and he happened to have two tickets in his shirt pocket which he kindly gave me.

All of the concerts we have attended were performed by bands i.e. brass, woodwind, percussion with only a token string section.

It will be a first to see and listen to an orchestra play and enjoy a night of Beethoven and Haydn.

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