Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Will they or won't they?

The traditional Romeria for San Isidro will take place this Saturday. That means that hundreds of people from the town will accompany the statue of San Isidro (the labourer) from the church up to the hermitage at La Pedrera. In the procession will be the Fiesta Queens, members of the Fiesta Comparsas, members of the Brotherhood of San Isidro and members of the council. There will likely be some horses taking part as well and possible a carriage or two.

Along with the parade, many others will drive up to La Pedrera their cars laden with tables, chairs, gazebos, food and drink ready to enjoy a meal with family and friends in the sunshine.

At 5pm a disco will be laid on for entertainment along with bouncy castles for the children. All in all, it should be a great day out for those who make the trip.

In preparation for this, we normally have a group of workers who clean up the route by cutting out the weeds that grow between the kerbs and the roads. Although it would be better if they sprayed the weeds with herbicide first to kill them off, at least the roads look tidy for the summer.

However, it is now Wednesday and we haven't seen sight of workers carrying out this task. I therefore wonder whether or not it is going to happen this year.

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